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White Snowflock Pre-Order Bonuses (FREE with code PREORDER24)

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When you pre-order the White Snowflock tree now, not only will you ensure that your holiday centrepiece is secured, but you'll also receive A BUNDLE of complimentary gifts, including:

1. A Stunning LED Projector Tree Topper (SAVE $29): Complete the look with an exclusive snowflake design topper that brings the whole display together. Measures 9.4" wide and tall. 

2. A Beautiful Tree Skirt (SAVE $39): Add an elegant touch to your tree with our stunning knitted skirt design.

3. A Premium Canvas Storage Bag (SAVE $69): Perfect for keeping your Snow Tree safe and pristine year after year.

4. A Rotating Tree Stand (SAVE $119): Our own custom made design that integrates with your display tree so you can enjoy a moving display.

And that’s not all - enjoy FREE delivery (SAVE $99) straight to your doorstep!

The 2024 model will also be upgraded to include:

5. Both White & Coloured LED Lights: Controlled by a remote and can be changed from warm white to coloured at the click of a button!

6. A USB connector on each level to power your Christmas Village Pieces!

*By pre-ordering the snow tree you will receive a number of bonuses included in the price, as listed above. Your beautiful tree will arrive around mid-2024. You agree that this product will not be shipped immediately when you pre-order.

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