• Hello!

    I'm Katie, the founder behind the Holiday Celebration Trees brand. I'm so excited you're visiting our store!

    Let's talk about the magic of Christmas, when joy and wonder fill the air, and nothing captures the essence of the season quite like a beautifully adorned Christmas tree.

    My journey began right in my own living room, where a simple stumble over a present sparked a moment of inspiration. I envisioned a Christmas tree that would not only save space but also bring functionality to the forefront, while still evoking the cherished shape and nostalgic feel of traditional trees.

    Driven by my background in architecture and product design, I started to bring this vision to life. Countless hours of research and development led me to create a truly unique Christmas tree, now protected by a patent.

    The response I've received since launching has been nothing short of amazing. This overwhelming support and positive feedback have inspired me to share the joy of owning one of these special celebration trees with you.

    I invite you to join the Holiday Celebration Trees family and bring home a unique and customizable tree that can be enjoyed not just during the holidays, but all year round. Let's create memories together!

    For wholesale and re-seller enquiries, please email: hello@holidaycelebrationtrees.com

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